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Princess Diana - Photo Credit: John Mathew Smith
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       Since 1990 Celebrity Photographer John Mathew Smith has photographed more than 1,000 of the most celebrated people of our time, specializing in close and detailed portraiture.

       During the past ten years, several of his photos have garnered worldwide attention: Mikhail and Raisa who captured the world's heart in their quest for peace and JFK Jr and Carolyn happily kissing.

       Sadly, it took a tragedy to give John his most well-known image--that of Princess Diana on what would be her last trip to America.  This photograph that portrayed a sweet girl-next-door quality graced the cover of the best-selling issue in the seventy-year history of U. S. News & World Report.

       With over 25,000 photos in his archive, John's celebrity stock photo agency can accommodate your publication needs.  Also, they may be leased for Internet use.  You can contact him regarding such purchases:

        The vast majority of JMS archive was shot with hi-quality 35 mm film for great detail.  The images on my website do not reflect  the clarity and quality of the actual mages.

All photos are copyrighted by me ...John Mathew Smith  2015

John Mathew Smith  / 301-490-4343  / 108  5th  ave Brooklyn Park 21225   / Email:


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