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Dolly Parton
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Kirk Douglas
"Your gift has filled me up"     
Goldie Hawn
"I am delighted by this thoughtful gift...you are an artist"
Olivia de Havilland
"Thanks for the great photo"     
Tony Randall
"They will be cherished mementos of Diana"     
Elizabeth Dole
"Wonderful Photos"     
Martin Sheen
"The photos show the good feeling it was to be there"     
Fay Wray
"Enjoyed the photos tremendously"     
Bill Cosby
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Smothers Brothers
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Natalie Cole
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Tipper Gore
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*John Hume
"It's a fine photo, and I'm glad to have it"
*Linus Pauling
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*Desmond Tutu
* Nobel Peace Prize Winners